Welcome to Our New Colleagues

At NES Health, we care about not just medicine, but about our patients. And they can count on us to treat them well—medically and personally. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. It’s what drives us every day. We do the right thing and always pursue the ethical path. We are committed to delivering the best healthcare experience possible and to treating all patients in our care like the friends and neighbors they are.

The most important part of our organization is the people who daily contribute their best and encourage colleagues to do the same. It’s because of them-our clinicians and every employee-that we can make good patient experiences real. You are our brand representatives, and our brand is only possible because of you.

We’re excited to welcome new members to our team: Jocelyn Bowman and Traci Lopez.

Jocelyn E. Bowman, MBA
Executive VP of Operations

Jocelyn E. Bowman, MBA, comes onboard as NES Health’s Executive VP of Operations. Jocelyn has extensive management and leadership experience in the Healthcare industry. For the past several years she managed a network of eighteen Emergency Medicine Physician Practices ranging from free standing ED’s to rural and urban trauma centers. Her areas of expertise include managing client relations, optimizing performance metrics, providing appropriate staffing to ensure contract profitability, and streamlining the ED flow to improve the overall patient experiences

Jocelyn’s dynamic style in leading practice management staff and multidisciplinary teams resulted in quality improvement, greater patient satisfaction scores, and improved patient outcomes. As VP of Operations, she’ll work with the Regional Presidents overseeing the operational and clinical management of contracts to ensure profitability, client satisfaction, and strategic planning.

Jocelyn has a passion for Emergency Medicine along with a strong desire to make a difference in the healthcare environment. She graduated from Maine Medical Center School of Radiologic Technology, in Portland Maine, obtained her undergraduate degree from Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I. and her M.B.A. from the University of Phoenix, in Plantation, Florida.


Traci Lopez
VP of Revenue Cycle Management

We are excited to welcome Traci Lopez back to our team. Traci is NES Health VP of Revenue Cycle Management at its revenue cycle division, ProBill. She’s experienced in all aspects of medical billing, coding and collections, and previously served as assistant VP of Operations and Revenue Enhancement at ProBill.

Traci shared her thoughts about the new position, as well as her ideas about streamlining and improving the billing process. “I am so excited to again be part of the ProBill team! We are working together to expand automation, increase efficiency, guarantee clear and effective customer support, and recognize opportunities for increased revenue. To help accomplish these goals, we are taking steps to upgrade old systems, encourage better understanding between departments, and improve individual versatility through cross-training. As well, we’re providing employees with more and better opportunities to make a positive difference through enhanced educational and leadership programs. A company is only as strong as the people who make it up, and I am grateful to be surrounded by coworkers in whom I have the utmost confidence. I anticipate great things for ProBill’s future and hope that, as part of a team effort, I can play an important role in the process.”