NES Health Launches Stipend Program for Emergency Physicians in Training to Financially Assist Emergency Department Doctors While They Learn

Steve Wexler, M.D., FAAEM

In mid-December 2014, NES Health announced the development and launch of its new Stipend Program for Emergency Physicians in Training. The Stipend Program will financially assist promising emergency medicine residents and fellows in the nation while they learn, and encourage these physicians to work at the company’s client hospitals after completing their training.

“Having a robust supply of well-trained emergency physicians in the pipeline is critical to the health of our country’s hospitals,” says Thomas Zguris, MD, MBA, FACEP, President and CEO of NES Health. “I’m pleased we can offer young physicians help at a time when they need it most, and also offer them a way to get to know our great company.”

“This unique program offers a great opportunity for newly-trained emergency physicians to make a difference at some of the most underserved hospital emergency departments in the U.S.,” states Steve Wexler, MD, FAAEM, Chairman of the Stipend Program. “Our program not only pays generous monthly stipends, it also offers clinical lectures for residents and fellows, mentorship by practicing emergency physicians, and short-term training opportunities at emergency departments around the nation.”

Entrance to NES Health’s Stipend Program is gained by application. Emergency medicine residents, fellows, and training program directors can learn more by emailing us at or call with questions at 1-800-637-3627 or fax at 1-757-420-6616. Adds Chris Pepin, RN, CEN, CCRN, NES Health’s Director of the Stipend Program, “Our program offers a truly distinctive learning experience. We want to hear from every emergency resident and fellow who is interested in receiving a financial boost during their training and securing a job in a high-performance emergency department once their training is complete.”