NES Health Get Better

Three Rivers

Jill Cantrell RN ED manager has been a part of the emergency department at Three Rivers Medical Center (TRMC) for over 11 years. She attributes her success to NES' ability to deliver excellent physicians and a great quality program. "The NES doctors care about the patients and are part of the greater local community, that makes it easy to keep our patients happy and to implement improvement programs sucessfully." Jill Cantrell RN

As NES' longest standing client, with a shared history of 40 years, TRMC and NES have faced many challenges together . Throughout this time we maintained common goals and kept quality at the forefront. At TRMC we have continued to work with the hospital to make improvements and to ensure they remain a satisfied client. Our site medical director (SMD) has worked closely with our physicians to encourage best practices to ensure the highest quality standards. Today, TRMC's website can boast a less than 7 minute wait time and the ED staff are proud to stand behind that statistic.

Recent strategies and accomplishments:

•    "Pull til Full" bedside triage and registration implementation
•    EMS outreach and communication improvement
•    Improved LWBS and AMA rates
•    Chest pain accreditation
•    Reduction of nearly 30 minutes in decision to admit times
•    Improved patient satisfaction scores


NES Health-care consists of corporations providing staffing, management, and administrative support to medical facility clients.
It is not a provider of professional medical care services.