NES Health Get Better

Case Study

How does an ED deliver a superior healthcare experience?

In a dynamic industry where providers and healthcare professionals face increasing challenges to meet and exceed patient expectations, it takes leadership, innovation, and execution to consistently provide professional and compassionate high quality care.

The Get Better! Solution

NES has partnered with Client IQ, the industry leader in real-time performance measurement and analytics for rapid-cycle quality improvement. The Client IQ program is exclusively employed by hundreds of medical facilities across the country. These facilities depend on this cutting-edge technology to provide them a superior method for collecting and reporting data intelligence. Client IQ allows medical leaders to take control of data collection through high 'N' numbers, real-time notifications, and robust, state-of-the-art reporting for a better understanding of actual performance.

The NES/Client IQ program is implemented in three steps:

1. Data Collection: We provide mobile devices and apps to our facilities so that they can survey patients during the discharge process as well as conduct leadership eRounds, eDischarge Calls, and eSafety Checks.

2. Data Analysis: Once data collection is implemented, data analysis takes place in two ways: early-warning alerts and cutting-edge reporting. Early-warning alerts notify medical leaders of any collected data that is deemed important; for example, patient dissatisfaction or even staff member recognition. Our site medical leaders also have access to real-time reports through the innovative reporting dashboards for group and individual performance. Additionally, they receive push auto-reports for performance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

3. Action Planning: Data intelligence from the previous step allows our medical leaders to know exactly how processes are performing and how well they are being executed. This enables us to put into effect improvement plans and recognition programs in order to rapidly and consistently improve and maintain the highest performance levels.

The goal for completed surveys at each NES site is 30%.

The NES/Client IQ program has allowed us to improve the measurement and management of patient satisfaction. We have seen significant improvement in many key metrics across our sites. Our goal is to achieve the highest 'top box' performance. This means that our sites aren't simply good-they strive to be great and maintain that position.

The NES/Client IQ program has demonstrated that, in partnership with medical leaders at the site level, we can effect meaningful patient satisfaction improvement. Improvements in critical areas like provider performance, nurse performance, and overall group performance have been attained. The knowledge we have gained in surveying over 40,000 patients is passed on to each of the hospitals we work with.

Chris Pepin