NES Health Get Better

NYU Lutheran

Dr. Bonnie Simmons, SVP & Chair of Emergency Medicine at NYU Lutheran, also serves as NES Regional Medical Director. She was awarded the 2014 MEDICAL DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR by Blue Jay Consulting. In the early years at Lutheran, Dr. Simmons was able to build a rigorous quality program. NES further aligned itself with hospital senior leadership and focused our energy on a series of powerful steps that became a catalyst to even higher ED performance:

•    Improving door-to-provider times
•    Managing wait times
•    Improving communication with patients (e.g. informing them on next steps in process)
•    Introducing daily huddles and newsletters for successful communication

Results has fostered the ongoing success of Lutheran Medical Center
Emergency Department. The results to date include:

•    Increased volume from 48,000 to 69,000 patients per year
•    Improved door to provider times from over 90 minutes to an
•    Decreased walk-out rates from 10% to an average of less than 1%



NES Health-care consists of corporations providing staffing, management, and administrative support to medical facility clients.
It is not a provider of professional medical care services.