NES Health Get Better

Michael DeBakey

For over a quarter century, NES Health Government Services has been providing civilian contract physicians and ancillary personnel to support the U.S. military and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Our group has had the privilege of working with hospitals treating active duty military personnel and veterans across the world.

As a proven healthcare staffing partner to the U.S. government, NES empowers agencies to control costs and deliver exceptional medical care while achieving high marks in terms of patient satisfaction. Having managed over 400 contracts and partnership agreements, we're equipped with a keen understanding of the intricacies of the military healthcare delivery system. Our staff has both the technical expertise and the agility to respond quickly to your provider needs no matter how complex.

Exceptional Physician Dedication

NES physicians are highly committed to this unique patient population, and often express how rewarding their work is to them. In fact, during a major five-year contract overseas, we relocated over 100 civilian providers to Germany and Italy to care for military patients. Since returning to America, many of these physicians have dedicated their careers to working exclusively within the military or VA system.



NES Health-care consists of corporations providing staffing, management, and administrative support to medical facility clients.
It is not a provider of professional medical care services.