NES Health Get Better

Mercy Regional

Get Better! Bringing the right elements together will transform an ED and allow the execution of care in under 30 minutes.

Dr. Gil Palmer, Regional Medical Director for NES, Site Medical Director and associate Chief Medical Officer at Mercy Regional Medical Center believed that change was possible and worked with his entire team to make that change a reality.

One of the first steps Dr. Palmer took was addressing what he perceived to be a fundamental cause of the departments struggles: lack of a harmonious, collaborative departmental culture. "Culture is the beating heart of a hospital," he explains. "Since the ED depends on other departments to function properly, it must set the tone for culture and then combine forces with executive leadership to implement it."

Palmer ensured he had a team of driven high-performers; once accomplished they were ready to identify and tackle the problems.

•    Culture change
•    Staffing and scheduling
•    Supertrack implementation
•    Pull to full
•    Standing orders


Through the leadership and hard work of Dr. Palmer, his team, and NES health, the ED at Mercy Regional Medical Center is a very different place then it was several years ago. Recent metrics tell us:


Perhaps the greatest testament to NES Healthís success is the feedback from Mercy Regionalís most vital stakeholders: the patients themselves. Word-of-mouth recommendations and unsolicited praise have now replaced patient complaints.

Gil Plamer
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