NES Health Get Better

Case Study

How do we build physician leaders that exceed the expectations of our clients?

At NES Health, we've developed a solid formula for building successful ED's even in today's tumultuous environment by:
  • Recruiting the right leader as site medical director.
  • Building a strong relationship with the regional medical director.
  • Aligning with the nursing team.
  • Setting collaborative goals between the leadership at NES and the hospital.

Realizing the full benefits of strong leadership means presenting ongoing opportunities for our leaders to connect, learn, collaborate, and Get Better! NES does this by:

Regular and Consistent Communication:

  • Site medical directors hold monthly meetings with staff, regional medical directors hold monthly video calls or in-person visits with site medical directors and everyone is focused on metrics and management.

  • The quality team holds monthly meetings with the RMD's and SMD's to review performance improvement plans and helps implement solutions.

  • Frequent site visits to evaluate initiatives and process improvement implementations.

  • The quality team hosts an annual medical directors academy (MDA), a three day event that brings our SMD's and RMD's together. During this time they are able to discuss the challenging landscape of emergency medicine and best practices, share successes and challenges, and network with the NES leadership and their peers.

Thomas Zguris