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Site Medical Director

LOCATION: Natchitoches Regional Medical Center | Natchitoches, Louisiana


  • 96 Hospital Beds
  • 15 ED Beds
  • 23,000 annual volume
  • Hospital Medicine in house
  • Back up specialties include – Card, Pulm, Critical Care, GS, OB, Ortho
  • EMR: Meditech
  • Located 1 hour south of Shreveport, LA. Oldest City in LA and one of the top 100 places to retire in the United States – very charming environment. (New Orleans over 250 miles away and Baton Rouge over 180 miles away)


Position Summary:

The Medical Director will provide on-site management of the clinical and administrative aspects of the emergency department for the client hospital, at which NES healthcare Group (NES) is contracted to provide medical services.

The position shall report to the Regional Medical Director on administrative and clinical matters related to the fulfillment of NES’ (or a company contractually associated with NES) contract with the Hospital. The Director shall report to the administrator of the Hospital or his/her designee in accordance with the reporting mechanisms developed by the hospital. The Director shall serve as a member of committees as requested by the client hospital or NES leadership. S/he will also encourage participation of staff Emergency Physicians in hospital committee and leadership roles.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Emergency Department Quality Improvement/Risk Management Leadership

As the role model for other physicians, the Director should promote an atmosphere of care and understanding for the patient and their family members as well as the highest quality of care, thorough assessment, diagnosis, treatment and disposition of patients.

A. Quality Improvement

The Director will:
• Assist in the maintenance of the QI system developed by the Hospital and hold monthly ED staff meetings to promote quality goals and communication.
• Review ED charts and clinical care generated by departmental personnel, and participate in peer review process developed by the hospital.
• Implement and document remedial action plan (s) for problems identified through QI process.
• Prepare and present monthly QI reports to Regional Medical Director, the medical staff committee, and/or such other committee of the hospital as requested.
• Lead and participate fully in the Quality and Process Improvement program developed by NES.

B. The Medical Director will prepare the ED for site visits and surveys by regulatory, licensing and accrediting agencies.

C. The Medical Director will enforce rules governing the ED by regulatory agencies including but not limited to: JC, state department of health regulations, medical staff bylaws, COBRA and EMTALA, Emergency Department policies and procedures, fire-codes, pharmacy board regulations, and insurance company rules.

D. The Medical Director will develop, implement and comply with policies and procedures suggested and required by both the client hospital and NES.

F. The medical director will participate in the hospital Disaster Plan and Emergency Preparedness programs.


The medical director will motivate and direct the ED staff to achieve or exceed the Emergency Department goals and objectives formulated by the client hospital administration, NES, and outside regulating bodies.

A. Physician Management

The Medical Director will:
• Promote an atmosphere conducive to physician staff collegiality.
• Aid in recruiting qualified physicians for NES.
• Prepare and submit physician’s monthly schedules, not less than 30 days prior to the first scheduled shift to insure optimal coverage at the client hospital.
• Assist the NES operations staff with locating and providing backup coverage for ED in extreme situations where replacement cannot be found.
• Conduct an orientation for new physicians to familiarize them with medical record documentation, EMR education, the client hospital, the community and department as well as hospital policies and procedures.
• Review and monitor the credentials, training, and education of NES physicians recommended for assignment to the client hospital.
• Monitor and evaluate physician performance and provide both formal and informal feedback on findings regarding documentation, clinical care, collegiality, behavioral and professional conduct.
• Maintain documentation on physician evaluation and recommend remedial action, discipline and/or discharge as needed.
• Provide notification to the Regional Medical Director and the hospital of any incidents involving ED physicians or Advance Practice Professionals and any events that could be considered high risk.
• Mediate policy and procedure disputes between physicians and the client hospital.
• Monitor appropriate standards of dress, hygiene, and behavior of ED physicians.
• Actively manage and monitor NES educational programs and corporate image at the hospital.

B. Emergency Department Management

The Medical Director will:
• Strive to achieve an efficiently run operation at the ED.
• Facilitate the departmental performance to meet or exceed standards described in the hospital bylaws, departmental policies, the JCAHO Manual of Accreditation (if applicable), and in other appropriate local and national standards.
• Cooperate with clinical and nursing supervisors to insure that physician performance adheres to hospital standards, objectives and policies.
• Work cooperatively with the heads of diagnostic and therapeutic departments to assure availability, quality, and effective use of services.
• Provide input into formulating departmental budget for adequate equipment and medications supplies.
• Serve on the client hospital medical staff executive committee, and the ED committee and/or committee designated by the hospital designated to administer the Emergency Department.

Public Relations

The medical director represents the client hospital’s ED and NES both within the facility and externally. The Medical Director will:

A. Promote ED marketing and public relations programs for the client hospital within the content of the hospital’s master plan for public relations and marketing.
B. Be a positive representative of the ED, the hospital, and NES to the community.
C. Insure effective communication with patient and families, nursing staff and administration.
D. Coordinate with paramedics and the local EMS system to provide pre-hospital care to patients.
E. Coordinate CME with EMS and hospital auxiliary staff.


The Emergency Medical Director will maintain at a minimum the following credentials and qualifications:

• Licensed physician (licensed in state where intending to practice).
• Board certification in Emergency Medicine.
• DEA (with all schedules).
• State Controlled Substance (if applicable).
• ACLS certification, ATLS certification preferred if not board certified in EM.
• Appropriate emergency medical experience.


Located in West Central Louisiana, the community has a rich history that marks its beginnings with the Native American Indians – the first to settle along Red River and Cane River Lake. In the 1700’s, French and Spanish traders created permanent settlements. Today Creole, American Indian, French, Cajun, and Spanish heritages blend together to create a unique culture that is reflected in the region’s food, music, lifestyles, and celebrations.

From cotton fields, crawfish and aquatic farms, to pecan groves, the community serves as an agricultural hub. Visitors enjoy touring plantation homes along the Cane River, the Kisatchie National Forest, and the many festivals including the Natchitoches Christmas Festival of Lights, Mardi Gras Parade, Cookin’ on the Cane Barbecue Festival, Annual Classic Car Show, Jazz and R&B Festival, and many more.

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