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Job Type: Independent Contractor
Compensation: Hourly + Stipend
Schedule: 14 shifts per month + leadership meeting(s)

The ideal candidate is interested in pursuing their Hospitalist career by moving into the Medical Director Leadership role. Under the direction and mentorship of the Regional Medical Director you will work, cohesively and compatibly, together to uphold the metrics and standards that set AllianceHealth-Ponca City apart from hospitals in Oklahoma.

Site Medical Director Requirements:

  • Licensed physician (licensed in state where intending to practice)
  • DEA (with all schedules)
  • State Controlled Substance (if applicable)
  • ACLS certification & BLS certification
  • Appropriate Hospitalist medicine experience

The Medical Director will provide on-site management of the clinical and administrative aspects of the hospitalist department for the client hospital, at which NES healthcare Group (NES) is contracted to provide medical services.

The position shall report to the Regional Medical Director on administrative and clinical matters related to the fulfillment of NES’ (or a company contractually associated with NES) contract with the Hospital. The Director shall report to the administrator of the Hospital or his/her designee in accordance with the reporting mechanisms developed by the hospital. The Director shall serve as a member of committees as requested by the client hospital or NES leadership.

As the role model for other physicians, the Director should promote an atmosphere of care and understanding for the patient and their family members as well as the highest quality of care, thorough assessment, diagnosis, treatment and disposition of patients.

The medical director will motivate and direct the Hospitalist staff to achieve or exceed the Hospitalist Department goals and objectives formulated by the client hospital administration, NES, and outside regulating bodies.

The Medical Director will:

  • Promote an atmosphere conducive to physician staff collegiality.
  • Aid in recruiting qualified physicians for NES.
  • Prepare and submit physician’s monthly schedules, not less than 30 days prior to the first scheduled shift to insure optimal coverage at the client hospital.
  • Assist the NES operations staff with locating and providing backup coverage in extreme situations where replacement cannot be found.
  • Conduct an orientation for new physicians to familiarize them with medical record documentation, EMR education, the client hospital, the community and department as well as hospital policies and procedures.
  • Review and monitor the credentials, training, and education of NES physicians recommended for assignment to the client hospital.
  • Monitor and evaluate physician performance and provide both formal and informal feedback on findings regarding documentation, clinical care, collegiality, behavioral and professional conduct.
  • Maintain documentation on physician evaluation and recommend remedial action, discipline and/or discharge as needed.
  • Provide notification to the Regional Medical Director and the hospital of any incidents involving Hospitalist physicians or Advance Practice Professionals and any events that could be considered high risk.
  • Mediate policy and procedure disputes between physicians and the client hospital.
  • Monitor appropriate standards of dress, hygiene, and behavior of Hospitalist physicians.
  • Actively manage and monitor NES educational programs and corporate image at the hospital.



NES Health has been physician owned, directed, and managed for over 40 years. Since 1975, our core beliefs of Quality, Integrity, People, and Value have allowed us to foster relationships with Physicians, NPs, and PAs that provide excellent care in Emergency and Hospital Medicine.

Working with NES Health will prove to be a different experience than what you have seen with the larger groups. We take pride in developing relationships and value our providers as a person and with respect – not just a commodity used to generate revenue. Physician owned, directed, managed, NES Health helps you attain your career aspirations through leadership, education, and mentoring required for you to advance as an emergency medicine professional.


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