New Technologies Improve Hospital Emergency Department Quality, Safety and Patient Satisfaction

In 2014, NES Health announced the use of new software technologies to solve one of the biggest challenges in emergency departments today: eliminating variability in the delivery of emergency care. The company’s new programs for educating staff in best practices, and monitoring their performance in real-time, use new computer technologies to eliminate variability and thereby improve quality, patient safety and patient satisfaction.

At each of its client hospitals, NES Health is using software platforms developed by Qualitick, an analytics technology provider based in Tampa, Florida, and Prista Corporation based in Austin, Texas. Thomas Zguris, MD, MBA, FACEP, President and CEO of NES Health, said, “High quality care means delivering the finest patient experiences using evidence-based practices, and resource management using performance analytics that are as close to real-time as possible. These two technology partners provide us with valuable tools that have been unavailable until now.”

Dr. Zguris stated, “We have found that the enemy of quality is variability. Through the new programs we have developed for our emergency department staff, we educate everyone to use best practice standards and also utilize new computer technologies to monitor clinician performance in real-time. By so doing, we can eliminate much variability in care and patient experience, and thereby improve not only quality and safety, but patient satisfaction, as well.”

Emergency departments are seen as “the front door” to every hospital, and patients often choose which hospital to frequent based on their personal experiences in them. Keri Gardner, MD, MPH, FACEP, NES Health’s National Director of Quality and Patient Safety said, “The emergency department is a highly visible part of hospitals. Everything touches emergency medicine, and emergency medicine touches everything else.”

Added Chris Pepin, RN, CEN, CCRN, NES Health’s National Director of Quality, “These new technologies make rapid, consistent improvements in emergency care a reachable goal for emergency departments of all sizes, whether rural or urban, and are tools which every hospital will need and demand.”