Based in Huntington, West Virginia, NES Health’s ProBill division provides hospitals and ED physician practices with state of the art medical billing, coding, and revenue enhancement services. Our differentiation lies in our commitment to aggressively pursuing those harder-to-collect dollars on behalf of our clients.

ProBill’s medical billing solutions include:

  • Claims submission and follow-up
  • Physician documentation training
  • Medical coding audits
  • Fee schedule evaluations
  • Advanced reporting capabilities for greater financial insight
  • Timely turnaround and support

While our in-house technologies enable greater efficiency and accuracy through all stages of the billing process, the real value is our 30-plus years of medical billing expertise. ProBill’s team of trained billers, certified coders, and reimbursement managers is dedicated to helping our clients achieve a healthy balance between maintaining compliance and maximizing profitability.

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