Business Intelligence

At NES Health, we believe business decisions should be driven by facts—not conjecture. Our business intelligence and reporting tools let you drill deep into the “nuts and bolts” of your ED operation and get a clear picture of your department’s financial and clinical status.

The following metrics are used to obtain insight into your ED’s performance, pinpoint areas of concern, and create correctional strategies:

Patient flow. Now more than ever, moving patients swiftly through your emergency department is a vital component of your success. NES Health uses a real-time flow dashboard to analyze patient movement through each step of an ED visit at various times of day. This data is translated into metrics that illustrate how long it took to move patients from “door to doctor” during a certain time period. This information is integrated with your hospital’s own data to develop a customized action plan for immediate and ongoing improvement.

Medical care quality. Our National Performance Improvement Team uses cutting-edge software for clinical quality monitoring and process improvement. Tailored to the needs of your organization, this program collects and analyzes data in real time to help us measure quality of care against clinical benchmarks as well as competitor facilities. Key metrics include door-to-doctor times, turnaround times for lab and x-ray, “left without being seen” rates, and unscheduled 72-hour returns.

Patient satisfaction. Our innovative patient satisfaction program complements your in-house customer satisfaction tool to provide real-time feedback on patient satisfaction levels. Patients complete a survey upon discharge using a convenient touchscreen device. This enables rapid data collection and reporting, eliminating long time lags between critical events and report notification. Through superior and timely information, this program empowers you and NES Health to cultivate a more positive patient experience in your ED.

How Healthy is Your Emergency Department?

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