About NES Health

There’s power in our partnership.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, so do consumer expectations. Great clinical outcomes are no longer enough to get patients through the door. Now, there is a new and more compelling reason people choose one emergency department over another: the patient experience.

Founded over 38 years ago, NES Health cultivates world-class patient experiences nationwide by supporting hospitals in the successful, long-term management of their emergency departments. Our specialty is transforming struggling EDs into thriving centers of efficiency, where the talent is top-notch, providers work in harmony, and both staff and patients feel valued.

At NES Health, our approach is based on the notion that no two hospital emergency departments are alike. We first collaborate with your nursing, medical, and support staff to understand your ED’s unique obstacles. We then customize a solution to address these challenges, starting with the recruitment of a best-of-breed medical director and physician team. Step by step, NES Health works with you to create an ED culture that drives staff and patient satisfaction and reinforces your status as a healthcare leader.

A Virtual Extension of Your Management Team

With NES Health in your corner, you can sleep a little easier at night. After all, you’re not simply adding a staffing supplier – you’re gaining a hands-on member of your ED management team who acts as your advocate and keeps you ‘in the know.’ Our leadership and expertise allow you to focus on other business matters while keeping a finger on the pulse of your hospital’s busiest department.

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