Time Matters

By Jennifer Moore, CPA, MBA, MHA

Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Financial Officer

At NES Health we value our providers. We also understand and appreciate how hectic life becomes working long shifts in busy emergency departments on a schedule that doesn’t allow for communicating during “normal business hours.” For that reason, we have partnered with Schedule 360 (www.schedule360.com) to help you manage your work schedule more efficiently and communicate with NES Health in a simple, hassle-free and streamlined manner.

Schedule 360 (commonly referred to at NES Health as “S360”) has been dedicated to developing web-based scheduling applications that simplify the scheduling process for the past fifteen years. In fact, S360 is the most comprehensive, flexible and adaptable scheduling solution available. That flexibility is what made this tool the right choice for NES Health where no two Emergency Departments are alike. S360 allows us to configure the tool to the unique needs of each individual site.

Using a blend of technologies including the web, mobile applications, text messaging and email, S360 empowers proactive scheduling and efficient communication. Leading organizations that utilize S360 on a daily basis include Kaiser Permanente, Spectrum Healthcare Resources and a number of large healthcare delivery systems.

Currently, NES Health is utilizing this tool for payroll processing, transmission to ADP for direct deposit and other physician time management features. In 2015, we will be rolling out additional features designed to improve the efficiency of the scheduling process and improve communication with all NES Health providers.

For example, S360 will allow every NES Health provider the option to:

  1. Receive schedules via any mobile devise;
  2. Submit scheduling preferences ( availability/non-availability);
  3. Swap shifts with colleagues;
  4. Receive immediate notification of any unfilled shifts;
  5. Collaborate and communicate as a facility- group in real time – whether on shift or off;
  6. Receive immediate posts via electronic message board and/or texts; and
  7. Gain access to a library of educational materials.

The rollout of these features will be conducted for each site individually, and will be performed with direct oversight and guidance of the Site Medical Director, Jocelyn Bowman, NES Health Executive Vice President of Operations and the respective NES Health regional staff.

Our hope is that each NES Health provider will embrace this technology to simplify their work lives. However, this technology is merely an additional way for us to communicate. It is not intended to replace the valuable one-on- one communication that our regional staff has relied on to build great relationships with NES Health providers over the past 40 years. Look for updates about S360 coming your way in early 2015!