Emergency Medicine Staffing and Management

Through our focused emergency medicine staffing and management solutions, NES Health equips you with the people, processes, and technology to strengthen the clinical and financial health of your emergency department.

Industry-Leading Clinicians

Designed by and for emergency physicians, our organization works hard to attract and retain outstanding medical talent to staff your ED, nurturing them with support and resources that foster their success. The first step in building your clinical team is hiring a qualified Medical Director who will be a catalyst for transformative change. This individual is mentored by a Regional Medical Director who continually seeks opportunities to improve your department’s performance.

40+ Years of ED Management Expertise

For over the past 40+ years, NES Health has addressed and resolved performance issues in hundreds of emergency departments across the nation, from quality of medical care to patient satisfaction. Our findings have been translated into an innovative suite of tools, systems, and programs that enable you to correct deficiencies and enhance the patient experience.

They include:
  • Sophisticated reporting technologies that allow you to continuously monitor and improve service delivery in your ED.
  • Patient satisfaction tools and resources that help you target common complaints and improve patients’ perceptions of their ED experience.
  • Leadership development programs for NES Health Medical Directors that include mentoring, training, and ongoing education.
  • Quality management strategies based on reporting intelligence that improve ED efficiency, patient outcomes, and patient satisfaction.
  • Patient safety programs and risk management initiatives centered on building awareness and improving patient evaluation and documentation.
  • Compliance support designed to help you meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risk within your ED.
  • Billing and coding services to help you improve reimbursement and maintain compliance.

Discover the Power of Partnership Firsthand

To learn how we can help you make your emergency department a healthier part of your hospital, contact us. We’ll conduct a detailed analysis of your ED’s operations at absolutely no cost.