Special Services for Critical Access Hospitals

At NES Health, we understand the vital role critical access hospitals (CAHs) play in America’s healthcare system. Our emergency department solutions for CAHs are designed to not only help you strengthen your financial footing, but also attract “best of breed” medical professionals to your facility and community.

Two models of specialized CAH services are available, enabling you to select an option that’s right for your needs.

Integrated Emergency Department Services

Designed for rural hospitals with fewer than 10,000 visits annually, this integrated service model expands the role of our ED physicians to include patient admission, care during hospitalization, and discharge. In addition to seeing their own inpatients, our physicians can care for individuals admitted by local primary care providers (PCPs). NES Health physicians share reports and diagnoses with your PCPs and consult with them by phone, fax, or e-mail as needed to determine the most appropriate path of care for the patient.

Clinical Staffing

Does your CAH have plenty of PCPs who admit and see inpatients at your facility? If so, NES Health’s standalone staffing services may be the ideal solution. We leverage our network and recruiting expertise to build you a first-class clinical team that’s as focused as you are on providing an outstanding patient experience. In some cases, your ED can be staffed with physician assistants and clinical nurse practitioners to save you even more money.

How Does Your ED’s Performance Measure Up?

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